Successful Verdicts

  • Carino v. Unnamed cardiologist

    November, 2015: A defense verdict was returned after one hour of jury deliberations in a case in which the plaintiff alleged she suffered a stroke while in atrial fibrillation due to negligence of the defendant. Read On

  • Horowitz v. Unnamed gynecologic oncologist

    September, 2015: After a two week jury trial a defense verdict was returned in a case wherein the plaintiff alleged she suffered a bowel perforation and sepsis following cancer surgery. Read On

  • Majid v. Unnamed Gynecologist

    June, 2015: In a trial before the Hon. Barry Kramer in Schenectady, NY a directed verdict was rendered at the end of plaintiff's proof in favor of the defendant doctor. The plaintiff alleged that she suffered a ureteral occlusion resulting in hydronephrosis and nephrectomy due to malpractice in p... Read On

  • Deborah Longtin v. Plastic Surgeon

    In March, 2014 Karen Butler obtained a defense verdict before an Albany County jury. Ms. Butler successfully defended a plastic surgeon who had used a filler, Sculptra, in the malar areas. The patient developed granulomas. Another physician attempted to remove the granulomas. The patient thereaft... Read On

  • Fraumane v. Unnamed Emergency Room Physician and Hospital (Montgomery County)

    In February 2014 Ms. Butler received a defense verdict in the matter of Fraumane v. Unnamed Emergency Room Physician and Hospital (Montgomery County). The case involved a 33 year old gentleman seen in the ER by the defendant for dizziness, palpitations and arm pains. He was pain free in the ER an... Read On

  • Looby v. Unnamed Hospital.

    Mr. Monroe had a successful jury verdict in Saratoga County in October 2013. The case involved a plaintiff who presented to the hospital for scheduled outpatient surgery and who, during the administration of a pre-procedure epidural anesthetic, suffered a vasovagal event. Plaintiff's outpatient p... Read On

  • Wood v. Unnamed pediatrician:

    Karen Butler represented a pediatrician in a two week trial in Franklin County, NY. The plaintiffs alleged that the pediatrician failed to appropriately treat a newborn's severe hypoglycemia claiming prolonged hypoglycemia caused the child to develop static encephalopathy and cerebral palsy. In a... Read On

  • Plaintiff vs. unnamed gynecologist

    This case involved a labioplasty procedure performed to address plaintiff's labial hypertrophy secondary to localized lymphedema. In a two week jury trial before Judge Krogman in Warren County Supreme Court Ms. Butler secured a verdict in favor of the physician. Read On

  • Putaski v. Saratoga Hospital et al

    Plaintiffs alleged that the defendants' diagnosis of a spinal cord problem was not timely and contributed to plaintiff's disability after surgery. In a unanimous verdict the defendants were found not negligent and a verdict was rendered in defendants' favor dismissing the entire action. Read On

  • Cameron v Massena Memorial Hospital

    Plaintiff underwent an elective removal of a lymph node from her right armpit (axilla). She claimed that immediately after surgery she experienced loss of movement in the operative arm and was discharged home unable to move her right arm. She presented to co-defendant surgeon two days later and w... Read On

  • Zippin v Peterson

    Plaintiff's decedent was a nursing home resident with advanced dementia. Plaintiff's claimed that defendant Nursing Home and defendant primary care physician failed to diagnose plaintiff's decedent's congestive heart failure resulting in her development of pneumonia and ultimately her death. This... Read On

  • Dumas v. Adirondack Medical Center

    A Saratoga County Supreme Court directed a verdict in favor of the defendants at the conclusion of plaintiff's proof. The plaintiff alleged the defendants deviated from accepted standards of care resulting in his wife's jumping to death from an ambulance during a mental health transport. Karen A.... Read On

  • Defino v Soha

    Plaintiff underwent a balloon dilatation of her esophagus by co-defendant at Hospital in Kingston. She was discharged from that facility and presented at the Benedictine Hospital Emergency Department several hours later complaining of chest pain. Defendant physician examined her, ordered laborato... Read On

  • Carter v. Monzur, et al.

    Plaintiff alleged the defendants failed to diagnose claudication resulting in loss of his leg. Plaintiff's primary care physician settled. In an Albany County trial a jury reached a unanimous verdict in favor of the defendant physicians. Karen A. Butler represented the defendant nephrologist. Read On

  • Dougherty v. Marshall

    Following a two week trial, in a unanimous verdict, a Rensselaer County jury found in favor of a primary care physician in this action which involved the death of an elderly man from a perforated ulcer. Karen Butler represented the physician in this two week trial. Read On

  • DeCarlo v. Eden Park Health Services

    Following a three day trial in November 2009, a Greene County jury found in favor of Eden Park Nursing Home in an action which involved an above the knee amputation in an elderly resident following a femur fracture. Debra Young represented the nursing home. Read On

  • Karen Butler-Defense Verdict

    In February, 2008 Ms. Butler successfully defended an orthopedic surgeon against allegations of medical malpractice in Saratoga County Supreme Court. The plaintiff, who was a diabetic, suffered a bimalleolar fracture later developing a charcot arthropathy. The doctor argued, and the jury agreed, ... Read On

  • Wolfe v. St. Claire's Hospital

    In February 2007 Karen Butler obtained a unanimous defense verdict in this medical malpractice action tried before a Schenectady County jury. Plaintiff alleged the defendants failed to diagnose a severed flexor pollicis longus tendon in a woman who suffered a deep laceration to the thenar eminenc... Read On

  • Cromp v. Ahluwalia

    In July 2006 Karen Butler successfully defended an obstetrician in a Herkimer County jury trial wherein the plaintiff alleged an infant sustained an injury to the brachial plexus (Erb's palsy) as a result of medical malpractice by the physician during delivery. Ms. Butler argued successfully that... Read On

  • Defense Verdict

    A Saratoga County jury returned a defense verdict on June 6, 2006 after a one-week trial. Plaintiff alleged cervical and lumbosacral radiculitis, among other injuries, arising from a low speed collision between her vehicle and a flat-bed tractor trailer. Plaintiff further alleged she had been ren... Read On

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