Barry A. Gold's Publications

Professional Activities

New York State Bar Association - Health Law Section, Founding Chairman (1996-1998 ); House of Delegates (1998-2002); Committee to Confer with the Medical Society of the State of New York, Chairman (1992-1995); Committee on Mental and Physical Disability, Chairman (1982-1986); Committee on Public Health, Chairman (1978-1982).

American Health Lawyers Association; American Public Health Association.

Journal of Legal Medicine, Editorial Board (1981-1999).

Journal of Forensic Neuropsychology, Editorial Board (1997-2002).

Governmental Activities and Positions

New York State Task Force On Life And The Law, Appointed by the Governor, (1997-2002).

New York State Commission on Quality of Care for the Mentally Disabled; Surrogate Decisionmaking Panel (Upstate), Chairman (1986-2002); Protection and Advocacy Advisory Council (1981-1983); Board of Visitors Advisory Council (1979-1980).

Hospice Advisory Council, New York State Department of Health, Office of Health Systems Management (1978-1980).

New York State Department of Health; Office of Health Systems Management; Public Health Council; Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators; per diem Hearing Officer (1975-1979).

Osward D. Heck Developmental Center (A facility serving the developmentally disabled, operated by the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities), Board of Visitors (Appointed by Governor), President (1975-1980).

Honors and Community Service

American Cancer Society - Partners in Cancer Control Award Recipient (November 20, 1998).

Recipient of the President's Award for "Pro Bono" Legal Services - 1986; Award for "Improving the Professional Competence of the Bar and Statutes Concerning Disabled Persons" - 1987 (New York State Bar Association).

Capital Repertory Theatre Company - Board of Trustees (1995-2002).

Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America - National Board of Directors (1998-2002); Chair of the Board (2000-2002).

New York Academy of Medicine: Fellow (Elected 1998).

Listed in The Best Lawyers in America (1993-1994) (1995-1996) (1997-1998) (1999-2000): Health Law.

American College of Legal Medicine - Associate in Law.

New York Bar Foundation: Fellow (Elected 1998).

Faculty Appointments

Albany Medical College, Albany, New York, Adjunct Professor (Initial appointment 1972); current range (2000 - 2002).

Albany Law School, Albany, New York, Adjunct Faculty: Legal Medicine (1973-1983).

State University of New York at Albany, Albany, New York, Adjunct Faculty, Psychology Department (1994-2002).

Media Consultation

February 4, 1986 - Consultant to producers of General Hospital.

Testimony Before Legislative Committees

February 10, 1998 "Legal Barriers And Proposed Solutions (to patient care difficulties at the end of life)", Testimony Before The Attorney General's Commission on Quality of Care At The End Of Life, New York State Senate Committees On Health And Aging.

October 28, 1997 "Barriers To The Provision Of Appropriate Treatment Of Patients In Pain", New York State Public Health Council, Committee on Pain Management.

February 7, 1996 "The Family Health Care Decision Making Act", New York State Senate Committee on Health and New York State Assembly Committee on Health. (Joint hearing).

June 5, 1995 "Managing Managed Care", New York State Senate Committees on Health and Insurance. (Joint hearing).

January 13, 1993 "Surrogate Health Care Decisionmaking", Assembly Standing Committee on Health.

June 8, 1989 "Guardianship of Mentally Disabled Persons", Assembly Standing Committee on Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.


Health Law, (Fort Orange Press, 1996).

New York Health Law, Second Edition (Fort Orange Press, 1997).

New York Health Law, Third Edition (Fort Orange Press, 1998).

Health Law, Fourth Edition (Fort Orange Press, 1999).

Health Law, Fifth Edition (Fort Orange Press, 2000).

Health Law, Sixth Edition (Fort Orange Press, 2001).


"Noncompetition Clauses and the Health Care Professional" with Edna Goldsmith, Health Law Journal, Volume 2, No. 1, P. 3, Spring, 1997.

"Presence of Third Parties During Neuropsychological Evaluations: Who Is Evaluating Whom?" with Jerid M. Fisher, Ph.D., The Clinical Neuropsychologist, Volume 10, Number 4, November, 1996; see Neuropsychology Abstracts, Volume 6, Number 3 (#2268), September 1997.

"Attorney's Medical Deskbook 3d", 15 The Journal of Legal Medicine 591, December, 1994, Book Review.

"Healthcare Reform: Hospitals, Physicians and Leasing Arrangements", Mutual Interests (A Publication of Healthcare Underwriters Mutual Insurance Company), Volume XVIII, No. IV, October, 1994.

"Healthcare Reform: New Opportunities. New Risks", ACCESS (A Periodical of the American Association for Continuity of Care), Volume XII, Numbers II and III, May/June and August, 1994.

"Healthcare Reform: What Are The Opportunities? What Are The Risks?", Mutual Interests, Volume XVI, No. II, April, 1994.

"Health Law: Selected Statutes and Regulations", Editor, Published 1981, Updated annually through 1995.

"Liability of Managed Care Providers and Third Party Payors for Premature Discharge", ACCESS, Volume 9, Number 3, November 1991.

"The Liability of Third Party Payors for Premature Hospital Discharges", ACCESS, Volume 5, Number 2, page 9, March/April, 1987.

"New Federal Statute Protects Emergency Room Patients", ACCESS, Volume 4, Number 5, page 3, September/October, 1986.

"Malpractice 2000: Are Your Ready for the Shakeup?", Physician's Management Magazine, pages 185-199, May, 1986.

"Give Yourself a Malpractice Checkup", Physician's Management Magazine, pages 109-115, November, 1984.

"Disciplining Physicians: How it Works", Physician's Management Magazine, pages 237-243, October, 1984.

"What's the Latest in Patient Confidentiality?", with Stu Chapman, Physician's Management Magazine, pages 108-117, August, 1984.

"Office Practices Affect Patient Satisfaction", Malpractice Digest, Published by St. Paul Fire Insurance Company, March, 1983.

"Quiz: What an Attorney Might Tell a Patient", with Stu Chapman, Physician's Management Magazine, Volume 22, Number 12, pages 81-85, December, 1982.

"Health Care Costs and Personal Bankruptcy", with E. Donahue, Journal of Health Care Politics, Policy and Law, Volume 7, Number 3, pages 734-739 (Duke University Press, Publisher), Fall, 1982.

"Attitudes Toward Mental Illness: A Conflict Between Students and Professionals", with Morrison, Madrazo-Peterson & Simons, 41 Psychological Reports 1013 (1977).

"Emergency Room Medical Treatment: Right or Privilege?", 36 Albany Law Review, pages 526-535 (1972); republished 1972 Personal Injury Annual, pages 387-400 [Matthew Bender, Publisher]; republished, 14 Personal Injury Commentator, pages 214-220 condensed, July-August, 1972 [Callaghan & Company, Publisher]; republished, New Developments in Law/Medicine (Second Edition) [Wayne State University Schools of Law and Medicine, Institute of Continuing Legal Education, Publisher], 1973.

Awards & Associations

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